Cinnamon Sticks 100g



Masala Factory Cinnamon is graded as continental due to its high amount of aromatic concentrated essential oil composition which it makes perfect for use in in any cuisine and will be sure to enhance the flavour and fragrance, ascending any dish to the next level.

Masala Factory Continental grade cinnamon sticks have an average quill diameter of 16mm and are sourced from local suppliers in South Africa. Hand selected for appearance, scent and taste and air tight sealed perfect as an addition as whole sticks to any dish or use for hurdee milk or even hot chocolate or tea as a flavour enhancer. Cinnamon is an evergreen tree that takes about 2 years to grow, and once grown, the stems are cut at ground level. After 12 months, the new shoots which have stemmed from the severed section are processed immediately after harvesting by painstakingly scraping the inner bark from the outer shell by hand and then allowed to dry for a few weeks. Once dried, we receive the sticks and package it for your personal use!


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